Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weight Loss Day 28 (1st Month Down)

The first month is down and the results are in.
First I'll start with the bad news which is that this is the 1st week where I have gained some weight instead of losing some weight.  That sucks, blows and a host of other words as well.
Whatever, one week is not the big picture and gains and loses are all on a fluctuating scale.  Next week I will be down again and that is all that matters.

The good news is that for this first month I have dropped 10 pounds and that is good and reasonable within the confines of a month.
If I am able to drop 10 pounds every month for the next couple of months then I'll be a happy camper and achieve one of my big goals by the end of September.

I have off of work until Thursday and when I'm not working it's harder to keep to my diet, but I'm prepared for that.  Today I really think is going to be quite a bad day for me as I'm craving Pizza and I'm going to give in to this craving. I will over indulge and then come Monday I'll be back on my wagon and striving towards a more perfect me (hard to believe, I know).

Last night at the poker table I broke out my bikini and while technically it did fit I do realize that I've gotta get down to that September weight goal in order to make it fight the way it did when I first moved to Vegas.  Operation "fit into your old clothes that you've refused to throw away for the last decade" is in effect SIR YES SIR!

I've got two other posts that I'm working on - one about the joy of breakups and one about shit said at poker tables.  Hopefully those will both be completed and up by the end of the day or the end of tomorrow.

Now that the 1st month is done and I've lost a few I really need to work on adding some of the exercise in. This will be easier when I live on the North Side as I've got quite a few people over there who hit up the gym regularly and will help keep me motivated.  Where I'm at now I do not have that strong supporting cast and it's left to my desire and motivation which.... well... like I said, I'm eating Pizza today :)

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