Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The early morning

You figure I have been getting up at the same time every single day now for 4 months that I would be used to it. That the act of waking up so early would turn into routine and my body would have adapted to it and all would be right with the world, yes?

I still hate it, maybe more than when it first started.  Starting my routine at 4:30 am to be to work by 6 am is f'n ridiculous.  I give myself time for a nice good shower to help with the waking up process and I also let myself time to be able to meditate before work.
By meditate I mean search through people's blogs, check my book of face, take my puppy outside for a healthy morning urination and dedication.

No, I feel like my body is rejecting it more and more as every week passes.  I'm getting more and more tired as mid day approaches. I am now craving (and taking) mid-afternoon naps after my work shift has ended and no matter what, by the time the evening rolls around I'm once again wide awake and my body wants to stay up till Midnight - 2am - just like old times.

I might see what kind of power I have to influence a later shift in the day.  7-4 or 8-5.  Both of them seem more reasonable and would allow me to sleep in more and stay up later.
I'm more a night owl by nature so working later shifts than those would be ideal but then it starts interfering with the social life I am trying to build.

It's time to find pants
toodlz grrouch-land

I would totally buy this in a heart beat


  1. I hate to be the one to inform you of this, but you are not 21 years old any longer.

    1. I'm Not sure age has anything to do with my body hating 4 am.

      4 am is an hour to be getting in and going to bed, Not waking up to start a day.

    2. I'm a night owl as well. Mornings are painful for me, but I get up before noon anyway. It helps me feel better and I can accomplish more if I do. Until I moved here I stayed up until 3 or 4 every night for 8 years. It's a hard habit to break. I broke the habit by making myself do so much work during the moving/move-in process that I was exhausted by 10pm. Worked pretty well. Now (unfortunately) I don't go to bed much past midnight these days. Makes me feel old. :o(

  2. What is the reason that they have you come in so early anyway?