Sunday, July 01, 2012

Adventures in Skyrim - Mohawk

Now that there are several updates out for the game that hopefully have fixed some of the broken quests I ran into I am going to start playing it again.
However, I have been told (and noticed on my own) that the updates don't fix the issues in your current game and as such you have to start over again, so this is what I am doing.

My new character is a Night Elf, his name is obviously Mohawk.  Mohawk will be an archer/magi most likely though I do not know what form of magic he will end up being proficient with.

Because Skyrim is such a fun and expansive game that one can easily sink over 100 hours into (My retired character had over 35 hours before I ran into the bugged quests and I had barely touched the main story) I am hoping to chronicle some of my quests on this here blog in order write more because lets face it, I sure as shit don't blog enough.

My next character will be a female conjurer named Whore.


  1. I tried to start this game on Xbox 360, but I was like 10 hours into it and NOTHING HAD HAPPENED. I mean nothing at all. I was reminded of the complaints by Randal in Clerks II about the LOTR movies. "It's an entire game of just walking."

    1. to each their own really.
      I've always liked RPG's and games such as this where I can spend tons of time doing quests and side quests and exploring new territory of the game.

      Even when I was young playing on the original NES I sunk countless hours into Dragon Warrior and the like.

  2. I assume it would get more exciting if I had the patience to survive the accumulation and exposition period. This was more a commentary on my lack of attention span than a knock on the game. The few times I've fought through my own ADD on games like Final Fantasy X I've loved them.

    1. By the ADD quote it's safe to assume that you're more into shooters and action/fighting games?

      I personally am not a big fan of the shooter genre, specifically first person version. However I do love well made action games along the God of War variety.