Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hell Yeah

Tonight I'm taking the evening off from doing nothing and hitting up a good old fashioned Rock Concert.
2nd one this year, I must be going for a record or something!
Iced Earth


  1. Because of bad traffic made it to the show at the beginning of the Iced Earth set and missed Killinger.
    Iced Earth was pretty good but not the type of music I'd listen to constantly.

    HellYeah Blew me away - Loved them and the set was f'n heavy.
    Volbeat is great live and the fans were really into them.

    near the end Volbeat had two 10 year olds (guessing age) come on stage and headbang for an entire song which I'm sure was pretty awesome for them. At the end they got to play guitar with the band. Will probably end up in pics posted on the House of Blues site which will live for all eternity and probably help at least the one kid get laid (he looked a bit dorky).

  2. Saw Volbeat in Houston last year with the Damned Things (Scott Ian's side project). Volbeat was awesome, even though I'm not really into them. Good job.