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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday of the 13th

Today is a very important day in history folks
Today we celebrate good old fashioned horror movies with death, dismemberment and campy humor.  Oh, and lets not forget the boobs.

I think I'll go out and buy the Friday the 13th Killer Cut Blue Ray that I have been putting off for a while and watch that along with maybe Jason X or Freddy vs Jason.
Not watching at least one movie today would be a sin and probably get me killed!

Pretty Random


  1. Rob hasn't commented on this post yet? Quick -- someone call him -- he must be in a hospital or something!!!

    1. If it were not for the email I got from him this morning I'd think you are correct.

      Maybe he took a few days off from looking at the interwebs?

  2. Either that or his custom BoobMeter needs to be recharged.

    1. I honestly thought that ever boob posted got automatically forwarded to him from Google itself so that he could check it out and see whether or not it/they is/are worthy enough to remain up on the web or not.