Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bankroll Challenge - Road to $500 and Rules of the Roost

Following up my previous post where I just felt like typing at 2 am instead of sleeping I do want to delve into some rules that I am hoping to hold myself accountable for so that it's less likely I'll blow the whole $500 in one night during a bad session flipping hundo's with homeless Howie who hates button straddles and hookers who are not so affectionate in and around the lip area.

But first, to clear up a misconception.  Stump and I are not bromancing the bone - that's just a porno I like to quote at the tables for laughs (woah).  So, all of those out there who like to twist words -  a big raspberry in your general direction.  We will, however, make at least 2 jokes about the fact that we are dating or screwing or banging or whatever to make the rest of the table laugh or just feel really uncomfortable.
It's nice to be able to sit at a table with someone whom you can actually bounce jokes off of consistently and who is not going to get offended - and I think this helps to loosen the table up a bit.

Rule Numero Uno - You do NOT talk about fight club
Rule Number two - There are no First rules

#1 - Double up and leave.  No questions asked, there are a million and 1 places to play and generally within walking distance of where I park my ass for the evening.  I don't care if it's 1 hand or 8 hours - As soon as I double I cash out after that hand and walk my fat ass to another game at an adjoining casino.

#2 - Don't Suck - this one is a tribute to Carmel as when I would be heading out to a session those were the last words she would say as the door hit my ass.

#3 - Play tight, at first.  The goal is to grow my bankroll and tight is right (Poker, much like women).  I do not want to have to replenish this money and as such I need to make sure that I'm getting the best odds to win consistently until I've afforded myself a few buy-ins to play my normal game which is slightly looser.

#4 - Try to make time to play at least once per week.  Consistency is what is needed.

#5 - Do not play tired, hungry, horny, blah blah blah.

Ok, that's really enough - Most everyone reading this has some sort of grasp into the poker Do's and Don'ts so I don't need to go off on a long list of redundancy.

Last night I went out and put in a session at Bally's.  My goal was to win a quick $50 - $100 and then head elsewhere for an hour or two and do the same thing.  Just get some quick scores at multiple casino's and get my non stripper money up to $500 and properly kick this bitch off!

However, much like I have a horrible habit of doing, things went wrong early on.
My 4th hand at the table I wake up with Th3h in the big blind and call the $0 raise.  The flop comes out Qh 2h Xh and I bet out a bit over the pot and get two callers.  The turn comes another 2 and it checks around. The river brings something random and I check, next guy bets $40 and I call only to have him show me his awesome limp with Q2 offsuit in middle position.  Heart Poker.

From here I proceeded to lose a few more hands in spectacular fashion and bust my first buy-in.  However, there was enough bad play at this table to keep me there and I brought out the rest of my "roll" and continued to grind.
Over the course of the evening my money swung up and down not allowing me to ever gain any momentum. I hit a couple of good hands but the guys I was targeting managed to avoid paying me off every time.
I eventually grinded my way to a $22 profit in a little over 5 hours thus earning half of minimum wage but being happy just for the win!

So, now that I have hit the Magical $500 number I am starting up a new database on my phones poker tracking software in order to see where I have the most success, what rooms are better for me, what day of the week, etc. This is going to be a LONG (I will not bust I will not bust I will not bust I will not bust) and fun trip and I'm looking forward to seeing how things pan out over the next few months.


  1. good luck.

    leaving after a win is kind of gimping yourself but I see why you are doing it.. I assume that rule will drop off once you have some 'tater money in the bank

    1. Yes - that rule goes away once I have a real functioning bankroll and am able to play a session, drop a buy-in or two and not have it phase me.

      For the first little while I'd like to secure some wins and grow the roll.
      It's only for security purposes at the beginning.

  2. 'Do Not Play Tired' - TOP of my list, but I'm glad that it's on yours... If you double up because all of your opponents are horrible players (i.e., a good game), I don't understand why you'd leave after doing so if you're still feeling alert and the game is still good...

    1. Bankroll protection.
      I've got a bankroll of effectively 2.5 buy-ins if I play my normal 1/2 NL game.
      If the game is good and I double up and am now sitting on $400 I'd like to leave adding the extra bankroll to my pocket and go elsewhere and sit for the normal $200 again, pocketing the profits.

      It's a temporary measure for sure - KK vs AA happens, Set over set happens, Also - I run horrible :)

  3. I was gonna make the same comment about not wanting to leave a juicy game just because you double up. I understand you're reasoning, could leave that juicy game and then go to another room and lose your buy-in really fast and then how do you feel about leaving that juicy game?

    Also, if I'm the one who doubles you up (hey, I already did it once) and you immediately leave (i.e, "hit & run"), I will hunt you down.

    1. Rob, the next time you double me up (and there will be a next time) I will immediately rack up or, at the very least request a table change :)
      Maybe drop down to 2/4 limit for a while until I can come back with the minimum.

      Also, if I double up and leave and then I get stacked elsewhere I still have the profits from the double up.
      If I stay and get stacked I have nothing.

      Another thing - The more chips I get the looser I play - so this will force me to play tighter until I've got a bigger bankroll.

      I understand that pretty much everyone is going to HATE this rule, but I feel it's best for me right now because while I am just an occasional player I don't want to have to reload my bankroll.
      Consider this the TBC portion of my bankroll building without all that messy VBJ in there to get comps and free room and board.

  4. #5 - Do not play tired, hungry, horny, blah blah blah.

    Or don't play when mad. Same thing.

    Because the $500 is limiting, have you considering buying in for a lesser amount than $200 (maybe $120) and play the short stack game?

    1. Actually Yes, and thanks for asking.
      I'm still working on the details but right now (as long as there are games going on during the days I am able to play) I am thinking of making the Bill's game my main game as it's a 50cent/$1 blind game.
      You can buy in for up to $200 if you want but $100 is perfectly acceptable and will have most of the table covered I'm sure.

      When I stray and play elsewhere I'm thinking about short stacking it but I'm not 100% sure what that buy-in would be. $100 is probably the min I'm willing to go, but $120 - $140 is very reasonable as well.
      As my bankroll increases the "short stack" buy-in will increase as well but that's all in due time.

    2. Careful with short stacking.. on the one hand it's cool, limits loss, etc.. on the other hand you lose a huge amount of ability to push people off hands.. because.. hey it's only 40 more... this is good in one way because people make looser calls.. but can be bad in adding volatility because you can not effectively protect your good hands.. so pro's and con's..