Saturday, July 07, 2012

Poker Laugh Fest 2012

So last night I head out to play poker with Stump and my sessions were 50/50. I lost at Harrah's but the table was damned good, I won at the IP and the table was fucking amazing.
Both tables were full of loud tasteless jokes and laughter by pretty much everyone involved.
The table at the IP was 4 hours worth of jokes, rudeness, humor, nicknames, everything you can think of. Several times the dealers were caught off guard and actually had to slow down or pause their actions because they were laughing so hard.  It was un-fucking-believable.

If I could have bought a copy of the Surveillance footage to take home I would have.
I also wish that I was recording the whole session because there is no way to really put into words the shit that happened.  I could come up with two Rob sized posts (his largest) and still not come close to fitting all of the good times that this table had.  No one could have taken enough notes to capture the true spirit of the game that was played last night and this morning I sit in awe of what actually occurred between the hours of 11pm and 3:30 am last night.

This was the first time I sat at a table that was so rowdy that the room supervisor basically hovered near our table for most of his shift looking for reasons to shut us up.  I swear he also cut off our entire table from drinks 3 times during the evening.  Maybe "cut off" is a bit harsh but I know that he told the waitress to just not come back as we were ordering 7+ drinks at a time and everyone was giving her money the moment she got back and placing new orders, there is no way it should have taken 45+ minutes for her to get her little ass back to us.

The floor supervisor also kept whispering to the dealers and I know that it was all devious stuff like "the next time the 2 seat says pussy, fuck or does any type of insult let me know immediately."  Willing to put money on that.

There was one point where 5 of the players had anywhere from attractive to hot chicks behind them watching them play and getting in on the jokes.
Sadly, one douche-bag left our table because the rest of us were not taking the game serious enough and this was AFTER he had gotten paid off once or twice when he probably shouldn't have been.

This is the first night I have ever played where I wish I would have gotten off my lazy ass earlier and made the business cards for my blog so that I could pass them out - 1 - to keep in touch with some of these funny fuckers and 2 - so that they could all recant portions of their version of this historic event for me to share with the world.  But I didn't and I couldn't and that's a bloody shame.

I have a full day ahead of me and it will probably end with Stump and I being heavily intoxicated and playing poker at Bills.  I wish I had a whole day just to sit down and remember different lines/jokes to type them out and include them here but alas that will not happen.
I will report that I raised with 3c5c and got paid off when I flopped a straight (though I should have gotten paid off more but someone folded).  I also called a raise with 6x9x and Announced my hand as I called. I asked for a very specific card on the turn to complete my hand and it came so I bet and ended up getting a lot of money from some guy because he just would not believe me.
Stump played The Grump tricky as he just checked when it got back to him in the big blind.  a 22x flop and 4 turn got him a bit of change.


  1. Sounds like a blast. I could use a few laughs this week. Hopefully I'll have time the next few days to play a bit. Had to shorten the trip a bit due to unforeseen happenings. I'll be at the meetup Sun and will try to squeeze in some card playing later.

    1. At this point I think I'll be there on Sunday as I don't have to work on Monday.

  2. Cool. I'm only gonna be in town till Weds but hopefully will get some time in at the tables. I'll see you Sunday.

  3. Hey we DID invite those people to join us at Bill's tonight. I hope they show. Incredible time last night.

    1. Yes, I'm just hoping our fun spirit helps to transform Tonight's table into a fun time for all as well.

      I felt so weird having the floor guy basically stand by and watch our table all night long just looking for a reason to break it up.
      I mean, we were secluded upstairs where no other customers were, everyone was having fun and no one was complaining (maybe the other table that was boring as shit)

  4. Good to hear - much better than 'I'm slammed at work with no help and these customers won't respond to my calls and e-mails when I'm trying to help them out'... :) Crush it tonight!

  5. Oh man, I hope you remember some of the great jokes and stories and can post them. It doesn't have to be a "Rob-sized post" but you gotta give us some specifics. I expect to read some "woman saids" "boob mentionings" and of course, "vagina mentionings."

    Stories, man, stories.